Step One

This blog on making Brewery Faisan exists because it’s important to us to share our experiences as first time business owners. It has been and continues to be invaluable to us to learn from others who have shared their brewery journeys with us both privately through correspondences and by publicly posting online. We intend to contribute to the positive & open craft beer community by doing the same.

It all started with a business plan.  

We spent hours upon hours writing and rewriting as we read, researched and became more prepared for the realities of business ownership. It was/is a labor of love. Our plan progressed from a simplified idea expressed in a few pages to over 70 pages detailing every tiny aspect of the business. By creating spreadsheets based on industry data and research we were able to create a living document that could be used as a tool to illustrate in numbers our path to success. When questions arose from lenders, we were able to address them efficiently and confidently because the answers already existed in the plan. A thorough plan heightened by sincere confidence and belief in the project and ourselves was/is instrumental to our success thus far.

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